Woman Found Frozen In Minnesota Blizzard Was Miraculously Brought Back To Life.

One night, Jean Hilliard was on her way home after hanging out with one of her friends.

You've probably seen people get frozen and then brought back to life on science fiction shows and movies, and during that period, the person hasn't aged a day, even though hundreds of years have passed. Of course, you roll your eyes and go, "well, there's no way someone could freeze to death and then come back to life." But you'd be dead wrong! A woman named Jean Hilliard from rural northwestern Minnesota, had actually frozen in a blizzard back in December 1980, and somehow, she was brought back to life. It sounds like sheer fiction, but it actually happened, and here are the details of the horrifying events that lead to Hilliard being dubbed the Ice Woman.

The road was icy and slippery, and her car skidded all the way into a ditch. Given that it was dark and the weather conditions weren't favorable, she decided to brave the blizzard and try to walk back to her friend's house.