They Were Asked To Post Their Best Photographs. #1 Blows My Mind.

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Amateur and professional photographers were asked to post the most amazing photograph that they’ve ever taken on Quora. Here’s what some of the shared, along with their explanation of the shot.

“Most people react to this photo with doubt at first. Is Kent an expert at manipulating images using Photoshop? The answer is no, but the sad part is that in this day and age of digital photography, the common reaction is to ask if it’s real… The reality is that this is not Kokomo (yes, I’m showing my age with a Beach Boys reference).

It’s St. Maarten, the home of the famous Princess Juliana International Airport. At only 7,980 feet, the runway is barely long enough for large jets to land. Incoming airliners approaching the island, must touchdown at the very beginning of the runway, which is just past the beach. This means they have to fly extremely low, passing only 30-60 feet over tourists and plane spotters.” -Kent Miller

Kent Miller