Veteran Takes Service Dog On 2,500 Mile Road Trip To Save Dog's Life.

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When David Broido got home from his tour of duty, like so many of his comrades, he had PTSD.

If you have a beloved pet home, grab your tissues and hold on. This is going to be quite emotional. Dogs are extremely special creatures. Not only do they give us love and affection, laughs, and comfort, some of the are known for having pretty important jobs. When the men and women of our armed forces come home from battle, some have PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. In order to cope with the trauma that they have suffered, many of them get service dogs. Service dogs can save the lives of the humans they love, but sometimes, they're the ones needing the saving.

David's anxiety attacks and nightmares had gotten so bad that he knew he needed to get a service animal to help him through his recovery. But it would be another two years before his best friend would appear in his life.

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