The Construction Guy On Instagram With 439K Followers Is Actually A Coffee Ad.

Not too long ago, a Texan dad who goes by the name Omar was curious about influencers.

Do you know what an influencer is? If you do, then you’ve been staying in the loop, so congrats for being so on fleek. But for the rest of us mortals who are finally getting to understand how social media works, an influencer, (or influencer marketing) is a new form of marketing in social media where people play the role of potential users and buyers and review products and services. These influencers are everyday Joes that post some inspiring and stunning photos on their accounts, talking about their days, often rave about products. Well, not too long ago, a clueless dad from Texas asked his daughter what an influencer was. And when she explained the whole concept, he just said, “Pssh, I could do that.” And is it turns out, he was right! But there’s more to this story, so stay tuned until the end!

So as any parent would do, he asked his daughter about the term. When she explained the term, he couldn't help but laugh. Not only did it sound like a dream job, but the gig itself was a total piece of cake...according to him.