They Dropped Ink Into Water… And It Touched A Forgotten Part Of My Soul.

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Have you ever sat and watched the iTunes equalizer for just a little bit too long? The designs are trippy, they ebb and flow with the music, and it's the perfect way to distract yourself from whatever it is you need to do.

This gem, made by Jake and Katie Schwarz, is even better eye-candy than the equalizer.

The video, which consists of multi-colored ink droplets and water, is set to some super chill music that works perfectly with the slow-motion falling and splashing of the ink. It was filmed and edited at a 4K resolution, which is actually four times greater than the regular HD content out there.

If you want to see it in all of it's glory, choose "original" on YouTube's resolution video - try not to let your tongue hang out while you stare at all this awesome.


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