24 Innovative Products You'll Wish You Had Now.

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Well, your child's bed will officially be a lot more fun than yours thanks to this clever design.

Life would be so dull without creative people, wouldn't it? Designers are gifted with an artistic vision that allows them to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. It’s a lucky thing for the rest of us that these folks exist. They make life easier and so much fun, and that’s really what they’re all about. By giving us a different perspective on things, they improve the quality of our lives. Some change the world through aesthetic art, while others design technology to make the world a better place. So, here are some really nifty ideas that we really wish we’d thought of first.

Seriously, this would've been our dream bed when we were kids! Turn your kids' bedtime routine into an adventure of epic proportions with this helicopter bed that looks just like the real deal.

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