Brilliant Post-it Notes That Sum Up Your Life As An Adult.


The former architect, who is now living in Berlin, works on these silly jokes in his spare time.

They say that life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Boy, were they right, or what? The things we expected out of life when we were younger turned out to be completely different once we became adults, and Charles Hutton, aka Insta-Chaz, has created some brutally honest sticky notes that sum up what your life is like as an adult. The Australian cartoonist started out as an architect, but he ended up doodling cartoons to get life's little jokes across, and now he's sharing his funny comics on social media. Needless to say, they hilarious and freakishly on point.

Throughout his adult life, he has felt as though time is an insidious thing. Turn your back on the calendar, and the month you thought you were in quickly blends into the following month, making life seem like one endless loop.

Chaz recalls just how much fun New Year's Eve was back when he was still in his 20s.

He actually looked forward to partying, and in some cases, he started the New Year's Eve celebration a little early. But in his 30s, things are a little different. In fact, he'd rather just skip the festivities and welcome the New Year in silence.

As an architect, Chaz used to create flow charts to organize his thoughts and his projects.

Even song selections through Spotify have a flow chart. Chaz just loves to create these beautifully relatable cartoons on Post-it notes and his 100,000+ Instagram followers seem to love his works of art.

You can see from this drawing that Chaz would have been totally lost if he'd gone to Coachella.

While some people totally blend in at music festivals, others do find themselves looking for their friends, or a new group of people that they can click with. In the end, the music playing in the background turns into white noise.

Chaz lived in London and New York for a bit before moving to Berlin and he knows all about scheduling.

He understands how important it is to allocate time throughout the day to meet deadlines. Today, he deals with deadlines for a commission or a book, so starts working at 6 a.m., and continues all through the day so sometimes, a schedule like this becomes really useful.

In his spare time, he often sits in front of a blank page for hours trying to figure out what to draw.

But in some cases, his inspiration is a lot closer than he realizes, like on those rare occasions, when he actually takes a look inside the freezer and finds all kinds of things in there, including meals that he has no idea what they are or how long they've been there.

A lot of the drawings Chaz makes are about the struggles of adulthood, which he found a bit upsetting.

You see, according to Chaz, he didn't realize how difficult life really was until someone pointed it out to him. Now he's ready for some payback by letting the rest of the world see how tough everything is, even when it comes to doodling about what to cook for dinner.

There are days that you feel totally productive, and other days where you feel like you're drowning.

In this drawing, Chaz illustrates how overwhelming a busy day can be. In some cases, there are just so many chores to do that you wind up obsessing over them and end up doing very little. So that's when you should do what Chaz does and head to the pub for a drink.

This line chart about an average adult's energy level sums up our lives in a nutshell.

You usually have a surge of energy in the middle of the day, which is probably because you're finally on your lunch break. But by the afternoon, you're totally crashing, which only gets worse as you go past 5 o'clock in the evening, and by midnight, you're running on fumes.

Cooking pasta is a mystery on its own, especially when you wind up with unexpected leftovers.

Pasta is so insidious because you can put just a tad inside a pot of boiling water, but when the pasta expands while cooking, you suddenly realized that you put too much. Now you've got more pasta than you know what to do with it. Thank goodness you have a couple of friends you can invite over.

Some people have issues with their mattress, while others have issues with their pillow.

It feels like a wrestling match when you try to fluff your first pillow, but it's too low and you feel uncomfortable. So, you try to add a second pillow on top, but now it feels like your neck is craning. Maybe grownups are meant to sleep some other way? Ugh!

Staying up all night and partying was easier when you were in your twenties, but it's over now.

In this chart, Chaz reminds you that your energy level crash by the time you hit 30. But oddly enough, the length of those hangover symptoms seem to stretch as you hit 40. Life can be so unfair.

In this Post-it note, Chaz reminds the world just how delusional adults can be about their voice.

In the world according to you, you sound like a cool international spy, but the rest of the world might not be as convinced as you are. In fact, you may sound like a chipmunk to everyone else without even realizing it.

Do you ever feel like you're the odd man out when you're participating in a group activity?

This doesn't just happen with yoga. It happens when you try just about anything that's new, especially when there's that one person that's clearly better than everyone else, and you end up feeling like you're at the bottom of the food chain.

If the human body was a commodity that you could purchase on Amazon, it would only get three stars.

Sure, it's nice having a fully-functional body, but for how long? Based on this Post-it note sketch, this review is spot on when it comes to the human body. Sadly, things don't work the way you expect them to, as everything seems to go downhill when you get older.

It seems like teenagers and people in their 20s act like they have their own language.

Fortunately, Chaz created this flow chart that provides you with two options on what you can do when the younger members in your family post something you don't understand on social media. Either path you take will lead to the same conclusion.

This chart goes really deep into the concept of what you thought you knew versus what you really know.

They say that no matter how smart you think you are, there's always someone smarter than you, and this chart totally proves that, which is such a letdown. Fortunately, there are people who are equally as misguided as you once were, like those people on the internet who claim to have an answer for everything.

When you think you've had such a productive morning, but then you wonder if you're still in bed.

This flowchart offers you two options. You can either get up, eat breakfast, get ready, and head to the station that'll take you to work, or you can pretend that you did all those things in your mind and then panic when you realize that you never did any of those things. We just never win!

This is how most people watch a movie when they're sitting on their couch at home.

Instead of putting your electronic devices away, relaxing, and enjoying the whole movie, you end up doing all sorts of things on your Smartphone, and you wind up missing all of the important tidbits that would have made the film worth watching.

This is what most of our days look like during the week.

Notice how your busy day consists mostly about thinking about actually being productive, but then you get distracted with things like checking your social media, food, and other silly things. Eventually you manage to forget about what you should be doing, which is working.

Telling your boss that it's over and you want to quit is the dream most folks who hate their jobs have.

In this flowchart, you see why you're still stuck in an underpaid job, where you work too much, put in too many hours, and get zero respect from your boss, but you somehow manage to talk yourself out of leaving.

This is how most of us buy stuff when we go to the market, and then the unexpected happens.

Some people love to shop at a store, while others don't, which is exactly what this Post-it flow chart shows when you finally realize that shopping online is easier. But then you discover that things would have gone a lot smoother if you had just bought your stuff at an actual store.

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