24 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Who Are Convinced They Are Humans.


I'm coming for you.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they may also, in many occasions, be smarter than their human counterparts. When you think of dogs words like loyal, playful, kind and patient usually come to mind. There are some dogs though that are more than cute and cuddly.

Dog trainers, researchers and dog-lovers alike debate just how intelligent our canine friends really are. Some state that depending on the breed, pups can understand upwards of 1,000 words, interpret human body language and even detect illnesses such as cancer and seizures in their human friends.

Instead of arguing about how smart dogs really are, it is probably better to show you photographic proof of their high intellect and function. You may be tempted to train or test your own friendly pooch to accomplish the same or similar feats but be warned, they may likely pick up skills and behaviors a lot faster than you think.


Lighting is everything.

Let me just update my Facebook status.

I have a test tomorrow.


Bills, bills, bills...

I'll have another one.

Please don't move, it makes focusing that much harder.

Surf's up.

I like to bathe at least once a day.

Clean teeth are a must.

I have to work up to the heavy weights.

Don't give me a biscuit, I have to focus.

This is how I roll!

This awesome selfie will have my puppy friends envious!

Dogs that are not potty trained are gross!

Nothing worse than a dirty park.

Need a ride?

I train to win!

Beethoven Sonata Op.106 in B flat major.

I'll walk myself.


Oh these skis? That's just one of many sports.


I love reality tv!

I am taking the training wheels off next week.

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