Orphaned Baby Monkey Is Adopted By An Unlikely Family, And It’s Achingly Cute.

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See what's happening on a small farm in China's Jiangxi province. Have you ever seen anything like it?

Who doesn't love interspecies friendships? There are popular films like The Adventures of Milo and Otis, featuring a relationship between a cat and dog, and Zeus and Roxanne, which highlights the bond between a dog and a dolphin. But these friendships aren't just for Hollywood, they happen in real life, too.

In Jiangxi, a southeastern province in China, a baby monkey recently joined a herd of goats and is now being treated like family. According to goat farmer Zhong Shu, the monkey has been on the property for about four or five days now. He could tell the bond between them was strong because whenever he went out to check on them, the monkey was almost always clinging onto one of the goat's backs. Zhong told CCTV that the monkey views the goats as a surrogate mother and feels safe around them.

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This baby monkey didn't have a family so he went out and found his own in a herd of goats. What a clever and fortunate soul!

CCTV News / YouTube

It's been less than a week and the monkey wants to go wherever the goats go.

Zhong Shu told CCTV that he discovered the monkey on November 12, lying on a piece of wood. It appeared to be scared of him and ran to the goats for safety.

CCTV News / YouTube

The monkey is still small and weighs only about 6.6 pounds.

It has grown attached to one nanny goat in particular. They roam around during the day and sleep next to each other at night.

CCTV News / YouTube

Although we love this newly formed family, the growing infant will soon move to a new home.

Upon learning about this situation, the Tonggu County Wildlife Protection Station made plans to transfer the monkey to a zoo in a nearby city.

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The monkey will eventually be sent back to nature, says staff from the wildlife protection station.

The zoo will only be a temporary stop. Once the monkey is old enough, it will be returned to its rightful home.

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Before they part, let's appreciate this beautiful moment that captures love and diversity in nature.

Fans are saying they need their own TV show. They also wonder whether or not the goats will want to follow after the monkey. We're also wondering if the new mother has goat any last words.

CCTV News / YouTube

**Click below to watch a short clip of the monkey and goat family .**

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