The Most Hilarious ‘There I Fixed It’ Repairs You’ll Ever See.


DIY apple watch.

Most of us weren't even born when the TV series MacGyver first aired. He was a secret agent who was able to fight crime without a gun. What made him unique was his practical application of scientific knowledge and ability to create extraordinary things with common items. MacGyver was the original DIY master.

It seems that MacGyver has started a trend, as there are many people today who follow in his footsteps. Sometimes all you really do need is an easy and quick fix, even if it may look a little silly.


This is way less shameful than the cone.


Would you put mail in this if you were a mailman?


Gotta get your coffee somehow.

No microwave needed here, nope.

Who knew the lid of a can could be so useful?



A Sharpie, tape, and paper clips.

You've got to think quick on your feet.


Created his own proprietary pump for the air mattress.


Now you can mow the lawn AND enjoy a refreshing drink at the same time.

Who uses metal hangers to hang up their clothes anymore? Put them to better use over a grill.

Bootleg air conditioning.

Quick fixes are the best.


I definitely feel a level of security here.


Got a problem? Be creative with the solution.

The end result is wrinkle free.

I find this more impressive than just settling for the duct tape.


A keyboard sustain pedal made out of an old wire and two pieces of metal.


Why waste money on an ice cooler?


100% safe.

Don't let an injured hand ruin your night.


The solution to a broken chain in the back of the toilet..

Is that an arm?!


A highly effective plower.

No wheel no problem.

Cooling down a laptop has never been so easy.


Sometimes duct tape is all you need.

Innovative ways of cooling down hot water.

Whatever helps you get your hair off.


These 20 people should be banned from DIY.