They’re The Best Water Photos Ever Taken, And They’re Strangely Calming.

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Underwater Sky

We didn't know that this competition existed, but we're definitely glad we do now: It's the In Water Photographer of the Year competition, and it's all about the work of innovative photographers who capture their snaps while below the surface of the briny deep.

Here's what the website had to say about the yearly competition:

In Water Photographer of the Year Competition is all about entering the water with the bare minimum, the category winners below are open water swimmers, surfers, snorkelers, freedivers and skin diver enthusiasts. All of the photographs have been taken on one breath, with just a camera in hand and no other technical gear other than mask and fins.

Sounds like a tall order, right? You're not going to believe some of the images captured here -- no Photoshop necessary.

This is taken in the natural pool in the wet land of my hometown, where have very clear and clean water. I wanted to present the picture of broad sky of 360 degrees so I used Kodak SP360 to shoot from the bottom. I tried fine tuning for many times to change the angle of the picture and I am pleased to shoot successfully.

Lynn Wu