21 Tips To Make Your iPhone Photos 1,000% Better… I Never Knew #14.


Clean off your camera lens. Seems a little obvious, but you’ll be surprised how much better your pictures will look if you do this regularly!

My photography skills are on a new level with these tips. Try them out and let us know how they work for you.


Use the grid feature to get a better visual composition.


Take rapid fire pictures using the shutter feature. Just hold shutter. 


The camera on the back of the phone takes higher resolution pictures than the one on the screen’s side. Try to use the back camera for selfies. 


Flash for food photos is a no no. Turn that off for better photos.


When looking at the camera viewer tap the screen and wait a moment for the camera to focus. Sometimes it tries to focus where you tap. 


Don’t use the zoom if possible.


The headphones that come with your phone can be used as a remote to take the photo.  Just plug them into your phone, open the camera app, and press the “up” volume button to take photos. 


Using your headphones and a tripod is a great way to capture that prefect shot. 


Remember that the camera waits for your finger to ‘lift’ from the button to take the picture.


Only play with filters after you’ve adjusted brightness and saturation.

Southern curls and pearls

You can create some really fantastic pictures by making them black and white. 


There’s an app called Over that lets you add text to your pictures. 

For amazing macro shots use an external lens like Olloclip.

Karin Taylor / olloclip

There are filters available by VSCO that let you create photos others can marvel at. 


The LookBirdy app makes cute little birdy sounds to get your baby or a pet to look at the camera.


Silhouette photos are easy with the Camera Awesome app! 


Add some bokeh sparkles (those unfocused circles) with the Picfx app. 


For vintage-style photos, try the app TinType.


For some wicked collages use the Diptic app. 


Lastly, take a massive amount of pictures. The more you take, the more likely you are to get those timeless shots!


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Now my phone is going to be filled with awesome photos, thanks to these tips! If you're as excited as I am about trying some out, Share them with your friends!