30 Photos Of Largest And Oldest Dog Breeds — Irish Wolfhounds.

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Meet Stanley, who's 38 inches tall at shoulder length. But that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

We know what you’re probably thinking. An Irish Wolfhound? What’s that? Some sort of cross between a wolf and a dog? No. They aren’t wolves at all, but people originally used these pooches to go wolf hunting. Eventually, folks realized that they’re way cuter and more adorable as pets. But they’re pretty big too. So, coming into contact with an Irish Wolfhound might startle you, but they’re actually very friendly. And to prove that, people are posting some adorable photos to show just how big they really are.

At 101 kilos, (roughly, around 223 pounds) he's a mountain of pure love, drool, and wet slobbery kisses. Some people might say he's too big for her, but we think his human momma just needs a bigger lap.

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