Meet The Badass 86 Year-Old Nun Who Crushes Ironman Triathlons.

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This is Sister Madonna Buder, the woman of faith who is also a woman of extreme physical prowess --and at 85 years old, to boot.

When you think of a nun, what sort of imagery comes to your mind? Black and white habits, rosaries hanging from their wrists, hands clasped in prayer and constantly telling you to "shush" -- these are all things we think of when we think of a sister who took a vow of faith.

But Sister Madonna Buder isn't your typical nun. Sure, she's devoted to her faith -- buts she was also a USA Triathlon Athlete, and the only person to get a standing ovation during the awards ceremony when she was finished. She's also 85 years old.

Her commitment to competition is not unlike her commitment to her faith, and it's earned her the nickname "The Iron Nun." Find out more about this awesome woman below, and see Nike's newest commercial that puts her front and center. You'll LOL when you realize that despite her awesome nickname, she still has no problem telling people to "shush."


**Check out Buder's inspiring Nike commercial below.**

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