17 Ways You Can Tell It’s Really Hot Outside. The Last One Is Awesome!


All of the ice in your cup melts, then the cup melts.

You know it’s hot outside when…

The ice cream stand melts.

When your puppy hogs the fan.

All of the neighborhood animals seek shelter under your car.

When you see cookies baking in someone's car.

Squirrels are too tired to gather nuts.

You learn why you should never buy plastic fans.

Koalas are asking bikers for water.

Seagulls gather under umbrellas.

When a moose takes a dip in your child's pool.

When this happens.

When raccoons just lie in bird baths.

When horses jump in.

When cats sleep in front of the air conditioner.

The mailbox melts.


Your dog finds a new house.

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