25 Definite Signs That Today Isn’t Your Lucky Day.

When you feel like you're at your lowest low, just remember that your car doesn't look like this (unless it does and in that case, we send our deepest consolations).

So, you slept through your alarm, spilled coffee on your white pants, and showed up late for work. It happens. Take a deep breath, forgive yourself, and plan for a better tomorrow.

If you still can't shake it off, play the comparison game. It's only a temporary fix and certainly not the most ethical, but seeing what other folks are dealing with will certainly put things into perspective. You'll soon discover that you can pull through and even manage to laugh in the process.

While scrolling through this list, some of you may find the pain way too real (I don't know about you, but the Pringles shot tugged at my heartstrings). In that case, your takeaway can be that you are not alone, and you will survive.