Twitter User Got Tired Of 2017's Negative News So He Posted The Most Positive Ones.

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Jacob Atkins, a student from the University of Iowa was fed up with so much negativity in the news.

We all know that no one would tune into the 6 o'clock news to watch stories of people planting flowers, baking pies, or children playing in the park. In fact, it's stories on political turmoil, war, and crime that makes us tune in to watch the news, even when we shake our heads in disbelief. But one Twitter user by the name of Jacob Atkins decided that he was done with the negative bias in the news. So instead, he decided to end the year, by posting the most positive news from 2017. In the process, it's helping the world focus more a little less on the gloomy stories, and more on the happy feel-good news that's around.