Watch Jello Get Smashed With A Tennis Racquet, It’s Gloriously Hypnotic.

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The Internet is often a place for answers to questions that we never knew we had. This time, the question is as follows: What does it look like when you hit a ball of Jell-O through a tennis racquet?

See? You never knew you had that question, but now you definitely have to know the answer.


Luckily, the Slow Mo Guys are on the case. Gav and Dan make a habit of filming things in slow-mo, and this is the perfect subject. They hit five balls of Jell-O (Or jelly, as the Brits call it) through a tennis racquet, then slow down the video footage to see what actually happens when the racquet smashes the goo to bits. The results of their experiment may surprise you.

Did you see the footage of the giant water balloon?

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