How An Abandoned Baby Born Without Legs Became An Inspiration To All.

Adopted By Loving Family

It's truly a beautiful thing that we live in a world where people with disabilities can pretty much do anything they set their minds to! Just look at Stephen Hawking. He is one of the most brilliant minds ever to exist even though he was a non-verbal man and confined to a wheelchair for much of his life because of ALS. Hawking inspired so many to reach well beyond their limits to achieve much more. This post is about just that—the desire to reach far past our bodily limitations against all the odds. Jen Bricker was actually born with a genetic disability and despite everything against her, she was still able to achieve some incredible things.

When Jen Bricker was just a baby, she was abandoned by her biological parents because they believed that it would be difficult to cope with a child who had disabilities. Luckily, she was then adopted by Sharon and Gerald Bricker, who already had three sons. Jen spent her childhood growing up with her brand new, loving family in the small town of Oblong, Illinois.