This Arabian Mare Goes For A Stroll Around Town By Herself Every Morning.

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This beautiful creature's name is Jenny, and she’s a gorgeous Arabian mare who loves to take morning strolls all on her own.

Go out for a walk, and you’ll see one or two owners walking their dogs down the street. You’ll find plenty of them at the park, too. But you’d never expect to find a horse walking herself without supervision, would you? Well, for the residents of Frankfurt’s Fechenheim district, this is totally normal. However, there are some pedestrians who worry about having an Arabian mare roaming around town every morning. But so far, the gorgeous white steed has been the perfect citizen and hasn’t caused any problems. However, this hasn’t stopped people from criticizing the mare’s morning stroll routine.

She’s required to wear a card that says: "I'm called Jenny, not a runaway, just taking a walk. Thanks." But this hasn’t eased the minds of the pedestrians lucky enough to encounter the beautiful steed. Just ask any cop.

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For over a decade, cops have responded to calls from pedestrians worried about Jenny’s presence.

"When someone calls in, the police ask me: 'Werner, do you know where Jenny is?' Yes, I say. 'Ok, then everything is in order,'" Jenny's owner, Werner Weischedel, explained to a news show called Maintower.

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The police have assured everyone that Jenny is harmless and everyone should leave her alone.

Police spokesperson Isabell Neumann told German news agency DPA: "We've never had to do anything before." But some citizens have taken to social media to criticize Jenny’s strolls around town every day. Apparently, not everyone is on board with her adorable morning strolls. But do they have a point?

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People have gone online and accused Weischedel of being negligent and they’re worried for the horse.

Folks feel that the streets are way too chaotic which could cause Jenny to injure others or herself. But the horse veterinarians union assured DPA that Jenny has been strolling down the same streets for 14 years. So clearly, she's gotten used to the chaos of the streets.

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Jenny has been taking the same route all on her own and is very familiar with her surroundings.

Even veterinarian Maren Hellige explained that Jenny "seems very relaxed and satisfied." So, for now, it seems as though Weischedel will continue to open the stable doors and allow his 22-year-old mare to walk herself.

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Despite all the naysayers, Jenny may very well be one of the coolest things about this community.

She’s not always alone either. Weischedel and his wife’s German Shepherd, Evita, will sometimes walk alongside Jenny. You might even see Jenny walk over to say hello to a father pushing a baby stroller, too.

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As news of Jenny’s morning strolls continue to go viral, some netizens are falling in love with the mare, and we really can't blame them for it!

One commenter wrote: "Be still my heart! Oh how I love this story!” Some people actually love the fact that Jenny is allowed to walk around town and make the townspeople’s day better one stroll at a time, and it's easy to see why.

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