The Story Behind Janis Joplin’s Psychedelic Porsche Is VERY Rock And Roll.

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In 1968, Janis Joplin purchased a used 1965 Porsche 356c Cabriolet for $3500. Janis decided the Oyster White Porsche didn't suit her and commissioned one of her roadies, Dave Roberts, to give it a psychedelic face lift. It took Roberts a month to complete the paint job and titled it "The History of the Universe." The car became one of the most recognizable vehicles in the San Francisco area.

In 1969, it was stolen. The thief, realizing the car would be too recognizable, spray-painted it gray. The car was later recovered and the mural restored. After Janis' death, the car was used as a courtesy car by her manager Albert Grossman. The car fell in disrepair and was taken back by the Joplin family and restored. The car has been on loan to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1995 by Janis' heirs.

Peter Harholdt


Janis' short, but eventful, career was cut short by a heroin overdose, at the age of 27, in 1970. RIP

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