This Designer Of These Stylish Lamps Is Saving The World…One Juice Box At A Time.


We all remember the juice boxes we took to school everyday as kids. Despite having the refreshing and sweet juice of our choice, those boxes are causing an environmental headache in Malaysia. Thousands of the boxes or packet drinks end up in landfills.

Architect Ed Chew has come up with a way to be kinder to the environment. He is repurposing the boxes and making them in to a TetraBox Lamp. He borrowed the concept from kusudama origami, minus the glue and tape.

It takes 450 packets to make the lamp cutting and folding 108 hexagon and 12 pentagon modules. Chew gave the TetraBox a modern and chic look. The architect assures that by taking the hexagon modules, the lamp can be designed in to different variations.

You can make or donate TetraBox lamps by following their Facebook page.