Interesting Facts About Keanu Reeves That’ll Make You Swoon.

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Keanu Reeves almost chose a stage name that might not have fit the actor’s face or personality.

Keanu Reeves may have wowed us on films like “The Matrix” trilogy or “Sweet November.” But some fans are slowly starting to realize that the actor himself may pretty much be one of the best human beings around. He’s rich. He’s handsome. But he’s also kind, generous and humbled, too. But there are a couple of things about the actor that most people know nothing about. So, here are a few fun facts that are bound to make you fall in love with the actor all over again.

How does Chuck Spadina sound? That’s one of the names that Keanu’s agent recommended. But did you know that Keanu was attained from his great-great-uncle's name Keaweaheulu, which means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian?

Marybel Le Pape / CC BY-SA 4.0