30 Hilarious Reminders Of Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids Alone.


When your kids wake up before you, you know you'll be facing trouble.

If you're a parent, you should know better than to ever leave your baby or toddler alone. You'll be surprised by what they're capable of. They can cause the ultimate destruction in a matter of seconds. If you're not careful, they could even damage an extremely valuable item such as the new flat screen tv or laptop you just bought.

You see, kids don't understand the worth of such items. Instead, everything they get their hands on becomes their personal toy and THAT can be extremely dangerous.

At least they were trying to be helpful? We hope that's watercolors.


Don't leave your valuables out when your kids are alone.

Something very very horrible can happen to your expensive MacBook! Oh no!


Is that what we think it is?

These kids are filthy animals! One day when he's all grown up, he's going to look back at this photo and question everything.


Leaving one kid alone is bad. Leaving two kids alone is a risk for the younger one!

Just look at the satisfied look on the older girl's face. Kids are pure evil, I tell ya!


A silent kid is never a good sign.

When you can't hear them you better go look. You might one day come downstairs to find something as ridiculous as this.


What it looks like to not have regrets.

So was his goal to look like the Hulk?

Sometimes even two seconds alone can be dangerous.

So what's with this ballet position? Was this the kid's go-to "caught red-handed" pose?


Why kids should never be left alone with yarn.

At least he's still happy and smiling even after he trapped himself.

Were you missing your black pen?

When you walk into the nursery and you see this. What do you do next?


What did that dog ever do to you?!

Just look at how defeated the poor pup looks. Poor dog has at least 3 more years of this.

When you and your husband no longer "like" your daughter.

Love the Santa in his sleigh with the reindeer though!


The green paint must have looked really good in the kids' bedroom.

So they decided to add the same paint to their parents' bedroom wall.


Why pay someone to paint your bathroom for you?

When you can just have your kids do all the redecorating for you?

The only time kids will willingly take a bath.

This must have been such an awesome experience for the kids.


Kids can be so mean when it comes to dogs.

The dog is probably so confused!


When they give you that "just let me explain" face.

"Wait mom hear me out, this is not what you think it is!"


The shiniest of all the babies!

What a mess! At least he'll have really nice and soft skin after this.

Sometimes the nutella is just too good.

And if your kid is addicted to it, it'll be his first target once he or she is alone.


Every 5 minutes your kid is alone, he or she could be destroying something extremely valuable.

Can you salvage that somehow? This just breaks my heart.


This is cringe-worthy.

All that potential money.... ruined in a matter of seconds.

Sometimes it comes to the point where you wonder if they're just curious, bored or destructive.

At least he put the eggs in the box. But wait until you see the rest of the house.

When the potty is just too complicated to use.

It's okay kiddo, we've all been there! Let's hope the toilet was clean before you jumped in.

You see that innocent smile right there?

That's a sign of pure evil and destructiveness.

Curiosity killed the cat.

And it apparently killed all the pillows in this living room.


Make sure to always close the paint tins properly!

And don't let them play in the garage or this might happen.


At least they had good intentions?

Maybe he thought the toilet was a mini tub?


And this folks, is why you don't mess with beanbags.

And don't leave your kid alone with one. Don't underestimate what these kids are capable of!


This must have been such a great accomplishment for these two.

Started from the bottom now we're here.


When we say, don't leave your kid alone, that means don't leave your kid alone ANYWHERE!

Or the least you can do is never leave them alone with pens or pencils around.


This is how much damage they can do in just a few minutes.

Makes you want to have more kids, eh?