Dad’s Sarcastic Rant About Having Daughter Home From College Went Viral FAST.

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He seemed like he was containing all the excitement of having his daughter home.

Parents worry what their lives are going to be like once their kids move out to go to college. After all, moms and dads have spent at least 18 years with a household filled with noise and commotion. From doing homework together, driving kids to extra-curricular activities, volunteering at school functions, and other kid-related happenings, it's hard to imagine what life is going to be like.

One consolation, though, is knowing that the adult children will return to visit during the holidays and perhaps even during the summer months. Dan Howard was really excited that his daughter Shannon was visiting during the Christmas break. They missed their little girl so much. He posted a video of what the last five days have been like having her home.

Dan Howard / Facebook

->**Maybe next year Dan and his wife will be the ones visiting Shannon.**<-

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