She Got Mad When Her Son’s Teacher Took His Lunch Item Away. Can You Blame Her?

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Teaching Parents About Healthy Choices

Obesity among children is a rising epidemic. These days there are a lot more unhealthy food choices. Children need to be educated on the benefits of healthy eating, and it’s up to parents and teachers to show them the way. But only the parents have the right to say what their child eats. One teacher took a student’s diet into her own hands when she took the kindergartner's lunch away. The teacher replaced it with something healthier, but you’d never guess what the “unhealthy” food was. This story has gone viral and soon you’ll understand why.

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There is an obvious health kick that is on the rise around the planet. It’s not unwelcome considering that childhood obesity is at an all-time high. In order to maintain consistent health it’s important to eat natural foods that are full of vitamins and nutrients. It’s the parent's responsibility to make sure that their children are eating the right foods. But that doesn’t mean that the government and school officials can’t intervene with knowledge about proper diet.