22 Unexpected Acts Of Kindness That Made The World A Better Place.


A stranger helped Samantha Armytage avoid getting a parking ticket. Her time had expired so the person bought her a new ticket and left it on her car.

Everyday brings a new opportunity to do something kind for others. It doesn’t take a lot to make a complete stranger smile; it can be as simple as helping someone cross the street or buy the person ahead of you a cup of coffee. Although there may not be a science to prove it, kindness is infectious.

When people receive a wasm gesture or word, it usually prompts them to do the same for the next individual they come across. Take a look at complete strangers showing their generosity to others. We hope this encourages everyone to pay-it-foward.

Sam Armytage

A woman gave Enzo pizza owner Jerry Livengood and his dad Jim $100. She wanted the money to be used to randomly pay people's meals at the pizzeria at Concord Mall in Elkhart, Indiana.

Amanda Wilkinson

Kathleen Mains tried to ignore a TV crew, little did the shopper know she was randomly chosen to receive a $100 gift card.


Staff Sergeant Golden Brown pulled over and got out of his car. The soldier knew it was his human duty to help a woman in a wheelchair cross six-lanes of traffic.


Jeff and Carrie Giusto bonded with their waitress Liah Tesfamariam at the Kerbey Lane Café in Round Rock, Texas. The couple shared the heartaches they have faced in the last couple of years from death in a family, surgeries, cancer, and an adoption that fell through. Aside from getting a free meal from Liah, she told her new friend, "I should’ve been there for you, but I wasn’t."

Christine Bolanos

Destiny Circle found herself walking six miles to work everyday after her car was totalled in a car accident. One of her co-workers at University of West Georgia anonymously donated a car for her to get around. Circle is paying-it-forward by giving the vehicle to her neighbours who also need a car while she saves enough money to buy her own.

Eric Nauert

The customer who bought Logan Deike's Girl Scouts cookies did not want to take the treats home. Instead, the little girl was instructed to hand them out to someone else. So the six-year-old gave them out to the homeless.


Police offers were enjoying their meal at Tony's Brick Oven Pizzeria in Gulfport, Mississipi. A diner paid for their meal and left the men in uniform a thank-you note.

Gulfport Police Department

Mark Smith was so impressed by a soccer team from Newfoundland and Labrador that he gave them 27 tickets to an NHL game. Smith also arranged for the team to meet defenceman P.K. Subban, a hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens.

Gonzo Bennett

A woman saw how attentive Josh Pelfrey was with his grandmother, Dorothy Davis in a store. The grandmother confided to her how she was having a hard time coping with her husband's recent passing. The stranger noticed the fifth grader looking at a pair of shoes. She sent him two pairs of shoes at his school along with a $50 gift card to take his grandma out to dinner.


Kathleen Neyssen got out of her car to help a crash victim during the winter in Summit, South Dakota until help arrived. Neyssen's selfless act earned her the Superintendent's Peformance Award from the State Highway Patrol.

Kathleen Neyssen

Sgt. Sherman Swafford saw a teen playing baseball by himself in Ennis, Texas. The officer made it his duty to play a game of catch with him.

Sue Leeper Lafollett

Customers at the drive-thru were treated to free lunch in Madison, Alabama. The happy customers kept the good gesture going when they paid for other strangers' meals as well.


Riders in Huntsville, Alabama were treated to free ride tickets.


Army Ranger Lt. Col. Robert Risdon noticed two boys selling baked goods for their church, looked hungry, tired, and cold. The soldier treated the boys to a free dinner at Taco Bell.

Jason Gibson

Zach Radcliffe visited a convenience store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The single father of two paid for people who were filling up their gas tanks and bought customers' food.

Zach Radcliffe

When temperatures dropped in Des Moines, Iowa, a stranger left a box of warm gloves and hand warmers for those in need.

Downtown Des Moines

Brice Royer could not help but pay for a smiling man's vegan meal. Royer is famous for selling "unconditional love for $0" on Craiglist. The man in turn, who is a Syrian refugee paid the meal for five dining tables in Vancouver, Canada. He asked Royer for love receipts to give away as well.

Lauren Nordberg had to take her son outside when he began having an epic meltdown in a restaurant in Bainbridge Island, Washington. When the mom returned she expected to receive dirty looks and comments by other diners. Instead, she found out another mom had paid her bill and left her a note with a message. "Have a great day. You're doing a wonderful job, God bless. From a mother who knows."

Lauren Nordberg

Pauly was born blind and autistic, his family learned music was the only thing that could soothe their son. Pauly and his dad Paul Avila wanted to spread the joy of music. The two use their own money to buy radios and headsets to donate to the homeless on skid row.

Pauly's Project

Police officers responded to a call where a 75-year-old man suffered a heart attack shovelling the snow. After paramedics arrived and took the man to the hospital, officers took over and completed removing the snow for him.

LynnMarie Rink took her son James to the Apple store in Nashville to replace the iPad he has had since he was three. James who was born with Down Syndrome and autism, has used the device as a learning tool. When they got to the store James ran and slammed against a glass wall. The employee sat down on the floor and helped James and LynnMarie set up their new iPad.