Stephen King’s ‘It’ Was Remade, And The Trailer Has Horror Fans Very Scared.

Stephen King is an American author who has scared the crap out of us in a variety of ways.

In 1990 the mini-series "It", which was adapted from the 1986 novel, became one of a legacy of horror series and movie flicks inspired by novelist Stephen King that premiered on television and theaters. Now, over 30 years later, "It" is about to be reintroduced to a brand new audience. So if you're afraid of creepy clowns with pointy teeth, you better stay away because Pennywise the Clown is out for blood. But for fans of both the book and the original film, this is the best news ever and there's even a trailer of this horror/coming-of-age fiction movie. So brace yourself, because it's about to get real bloody.

The writer of horror, supernatural, fantasy, and suspenseful fiction has brought all kinds of creepy creatures from the pages of his book into the big screen.