Kitten Escapes Pet Store Display For The Cutest Reason Ever.

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At this point in Internet history, we all know that unlikely animal friends often make the cutest videos -- cows linked up with dogs, horses hanging out with turtles, and more. We've seen it, we've loved it, we've showed it to all of our friends.

And while a kitten and a puppy aren't exactly the strangest of animal duos, this pair sticks out because of their location. Stuck together in oppressive glass cubes at a pet store in Taipei, Taiwan, these two know that the only thing they have to depend on is one another.

When the adorable kitten gets the idea to escape the cube by leaping over the glass ledge, the puppy seems to be in total agreement -- so much so that he almost pushes her over the top. Could this kitten be inspiring some kind of pet store insurrection? It's possible, and if it's true, this puppy definitely has her back.

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