The Rolling Stones Just Joined ‘The Kloons’ For Their Funniest Episode EVER.

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The Rolling Stones are going on tour this summer, and fans everywhere are clearly stoked. In honor of the tour, Youtube sensation The Kloons, headed by Mitch Lewis and Nik Kazaoura decided to create an episode of their hit series "Sisters" that focused on the Rolling Stones - or rather, two sisters talking about the Rolling Stones.

"Sisters" is a series of reenancted conversations between Nik's mom and his aunt, which the guys record and then lipsync. The overall effect is hilarious - especially when you find out who makes a special appearance at the end.


Nik and Mitch actually recorded the video last year. Then, the Stones' touring company saw it, showed it to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, and the rest was history.

Here's another episode of the Kloons.

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