25 Knockoff Products That Are Funnier Than The Real Thing.


Oh no looks like the puma is in a coma.

In a world where there's already so many successful companies and brand names, it's hard to be unique. Most ideas are recycled anyways so what's wrong with having a somewhat similar brand name? Right?

Well first off, you're not really kidding anybody. The alteration of one word or even one letter does not make it a whole different thing. However, what it does do though, is save a person from a potential very expensive lawsuit. And in the end, that's all that matters — avoiding that lawsuit.

With that said, here's a few knockout brands to help bring a smile to your day. 'A' for effort right?

It even has bandages on!

That's quite a long name for a chocolate bar.

Why couldn't the name it something short and sweet like Snickers?

Why drink measly Mountain Dew when you can drink Mountain Lightning!

The name just sounds so much more powerful.

It's not the same if it has one more line.

If Adidas can be 3 lines, I can be 4.

Just iLike it!

The checkmark is a symbol of approval of liking it.

It just rolls off the tongue so well.

Say it with me, CUGGI.

Yep, that's exactly what this is... fony.

Probably would have been better off with a different starting letter.

The little brother of Capri Sun.

Show him a little love, why don't you?


Watch out, we got a new pant boy in town.

And he means business.

"I can't believe" and "unbelievable" are two completely different things!

Don't get it twisted.

Made for ball stars.

Because these are the right shoes to play basketball in.

Wow, Google owns so much now.

They've even come out with a paper towel line.

Isn't sharpei a dog breed?

The ones with a bunch of rolls on their bodies?

This is actually quite appropriate for the time we're going through now.

And everyone's Pokemon Go craze.

Who wouldn't want to wear Dolce and Banana?

The name sounds so high end.

Can you grab a bag of legs for the party please?

It should be sold at the grocery store.

Kind of like adios but with an extra "d," you know?

Is this a Spanish brand?

I thought Simpsons characters were yellow....

I don't remember this guy in any of the episodes.

This is the simplest knockoff Louis Vuitton I've ever seen.

Nice try on the drawing, but you couldn't have at least gotten the spelling correct?

Who is Michael and why is he alone?

And what does the W stand for?

I think I like the name "mighty mutant" more than "teenage mutant."

However, I don't know about the costumes these turtles have on....

Never saw a cereal brand get so geometrically specific.

I would love to eat some spheres for breakfast!

How about I eat one twin and you eat the other?

Fair deal, right?


Careful, this looks like a very violent baking soda.

You never know what will happen.

Such an accurate name for the game.

It summarizes basically what the whole game is about.