This Koala Got Kicked Out Of A Tree… Immediately Throws The BEST Tantrum Ever.

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Mating season is almost over for koalas in Australia. Their breeding time runs from August till February. This may explain the territorial behaviour of a large marsupial when it pushed a younger creature off a tree in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. The joey might be smaller but its loud cry and temper tantrum were certainly heard.

Koalas communicate with sounds. Deep grunting is used to show dominance while crying and screaming like a small child is used when the animal is under fear and stress. Despite feeling scared, the koala did try again to climb the tree only to fail again.

YouTube user Alicia Alexander uploaded the video recently. It’s unclear how long the standoff was but by nightfall, Alexander says the Aussie was back in the tree. We are not sure if the elder moved or simply decided to share the space.


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