Artist Turns Flat Walls Into A Swirling Vortex That Will Trick Your Brain.

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Kogler's installations are monochromatic, wavy and grid lines, and pipes that make you feel you are stuck in a virtual world.

Artists love to mesmerize people with mind-bending optical illusions and Austrian Peter Kogler is a master of it. His 30-year career has seen him use the power of computer generated media. His work merges between art displays that turn into a step in virtual reality.

Kohler doesn’t just want art lovers to just look at a piece of sculpture or something in a frame. He wants to envelop people into his work, becoming part of the his exhibitions. His installations have been in major galleries in Austria, Croatia, Turkey, and Belgium to name a few.

As cool as his work is, those suffering from vertigo may want to step away.

Atelier Kogler

The artist uses industrially produced silkscreen prints, covering walls and ceilings.

Vincent Everarts

Kogler is considered the most famous contemporary artist of his generation.

Atelier Kogler

His work is displayed at the ING Art Center in Brussels to coincide with the museum's and the artist's 30th anniversary.

Atelier Kogler

The Vienna resident started working in much smaller models made of cardboard.

Atelier Kogler

He said movies from the 1920's have influenced his work.

Atelier Kogler

He has also worked as a professor at both the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and Vienna.

Atelier Kogler

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