Sad Dog In Landfill Has His Whole Life Changed From This Human.

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This is Kratos, and he has every reason to look so glum given that his home was a landfill in Turkey.

Dogs are as adorable as they are loyal, which is why it’s so heartbreaking to hear there are so many without a home. There’s no animal on this Earth that can provide as much love and companionship to a human than a dog. Once they enter your life, a dog is no longer just a friend. It becomes a part of your family. But not every dog in the world is lucky enough to live in a luxurious home with a loving, supportive family. Some dogs struggle to survive in terrible conditions, the way Kratos, a Kangal Shepherd, has in Corum, Turkey.

Crystal Carson, the cofounder of Rescuers Without Borders, was heartbroken when she first laid eyes on the photo of the pooch. He was living in such deplorable conditions and was practically skin and bones.

Rescuers Without Borders