These Baby Elephants Think They’re Lap Dogs, But OUCH They’re Heavy.

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Elephants are not afraid to display affection to people they like. The large animals are highly intelligent and social interaction is part of their nature. Their excellent memory allows them to remember long-lost relatives and friends.

It’s common for elephants to use their trunks to stroke or wrap around another animal as a way of saying hello. In many ways, these majestic creatures are not very different from humans. Which is why when elephants bond with a person, they show their love by cuddling, snuggling, and sitting on their much smaller human friends.

It may be that elephants have watched too many canines get spoiled by their owners and want to have the same experience. This video makes us all want the opportunity to feel love in gigantic proportions. We are just glad all of the calfs wanting to sit on people’s laps are not fully grown.

Baby Elephants Who Want To Be Lap Dogs

Lap elephants!

Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, March 10, 2016

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