WHAT Is This Cylinder On Your Charger For? You’ll NEVER Guess!

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Have you ever wondered what that is?

We might be taking our charge cables for granted. Sure, we love how they charge our much needed and loved devices like our mobiles and tablets but besides that function we don’t know how much work went into the cord.

One component of the charge cable is the small cylinder-like module. Usually this part is near the end of the cable. You will be surprised to find out what this unassuming piece does. Let’s just say this piece plays an important role in protecting your devices from slowly deteriorating.

Most people have no clue what it is.

This piece serves a very important purpose.

The thick part of the cord is not just there for decoration.

We know where the laptop charger goes.

The cylinder near the end of the cable is actually there for a good reason.

Noise control.

The ferrite bead suppresses high frequency noise from electronic circuits. Therefore, electro magnetic noise and AC-DC noises are suppressed. Ferrite beads are also referred to as EMI filters, chokes, blocks, and rings.

A powerful tool.

The EMI ring is made up of ceramic compounds from iron oxide and other metals.

Here's the interior of an EMI filter.

Cables work as antennas. Therefore, if a device has high radio frequencies this would pass through the wire. The choker blocks the cord from transmitting and receiving signals.

So now if anyone ever asks you know exactly what this is.

You learn something new every single day!

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