Remember The Little Girl From ‘Matilda?’ Well, Here’s How She Looks Today.

Remember this childhood fave?

Some child stars go on to have long and diverse careers in film, continued from when they're kids and spanning into adulthood -- think Dakota Fanning, Lindsay Lohan, and others like them. Then there are child stars who remain a memory in our heads, but that we ultimately forget about over time: If you show us a picture of their character, we recognize them immediately, but have absolutely no clue about what's going on with them today.

This is one of the latter. She was definitely a memorable character in one of the most memorable movies of your childhood, but she kind of disappeared into the Hollywood ether. Now, we've seen some photos of her 19 years later, and it's clear that this formerly precocious and adorable kid has turned into a beautiful, successful young woman. Find out who we're talking about below -- you'll be surprised how quickly you remember her character.

For some of us, this was a staple of our childhood afternoons. Just seeing this movie poster brings back memories.