26 Lazy People Who Have A PhD In Avoiding Work, #9 Is Actually Incredibly Smart.

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Maybe the driver's feet hurt?

When given the chance, everyone is capable of being incredibly lazy. You might be the most energetic go-getter in the world, but sometimes, it's just impossible to bother yourself with silly things like "picking up your dishes" or "putting on pants." The tendency to be lazy is part of human nature, and as long as you keep your laziness in check, you're entitled to indulge yourself every once in awhile.

These people, however, have taken laziness to an entirely new level. They're not just leaving their dishes in the sink on a Sunday morning or letting their dog go without a walk on a cold winter's day. No, these people are actually doing something more extraordinary: They're putting in actual effort to be incredibly lazy. Want to see how they do it? Check out the photos below.