25 Inventions That Will Clean Your House For You… #19 Is On My Wish List.

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Save time on cleaning with just a few quick swipes using this Toydozer Toy Clean Up Set.

What happens when you’re a neat freak but lazy at the same time? It means you’re not a neat freak. You’re just a lazy person who would prefer a clean environment but doesn’t have the motivation to actually put in all the effort and time it takes to clean. Don’t worry, I fall under the same category. Luckily for us, good intelligent Samaritans around the world have designed and created cleaning products specifically for (let’s just say) inactive folks.

Even if you’re not lazy, a regular neat freak would love these products as well! Check out the awesome products we’ve gathered below. #4, #11, and #25 are a must if you’re a pet owner.