Artist Creates The Best Résumé Ever Using A LEGO Mini-Figure.

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Some people need to pull some strings to land a decent job.

They say that when you apply for a job, you should always find a way to stand out from all the other applicants. But don't count on your credentials to make you shine because there's a good chance there are others with the same qualifications as you. Some might even be more qualified than you. So how do you find a way to really make an impression? Try doing what one artist did and create the most unique résumé ever. Now a résumé is your calling card, and will definitely get you through the front door. But the ultimate résumé will guarantee success. So, one artist used a LEGO mini-figure as a résumé. Now that's creative!

For Andy Morris, a string was just one of the items he needed to unleash a résumé on his future employer that would knock his socks off.


Morris wanted to mail himself to his potential employer, but he was too tall to deliver.

So instead he came up with a better plan that involved a cardboard shipping box, a string, a label, and a LEGO mini-figure of himself to make a true statement.


The talented artist came up with the figure's packaging all by himself.

It looks so real that you'd swear that he bought it from a toy store. But really, all it took was some creativity, and a customized mini-figure with a laptop in one hand and a résumé in the other.


Morris had every intention of making a statement with his résumé and he was on the right path.

The LEGO box he created featured the artist's unique way of designing things, which would likely prove to his potential employers that he had plenty of drive and creative ambition.


You have to admit that his idea was a lot better than handing in a sheet of paper.

With a little patience and a lot of dedication, he managed to revolutionize the way someone applies for a job by providing a lighthearted technique to the otherwise dull process of creating a résumé.


Most toys, particularly action figures, provide info on the character.

In his case, the LEGO mini-figure had all of the information that his future employer would need, like his contact information and credentials. Morris also gave himself a little shout out to his mini plastic doppelgänger.


This isn't the first time that Andy Morris has used toys to make a statement.

As an artist, he is well known for doing this. In fact, some would even say that it's his trademark signature. But we have to admit, using one as a résumé was a fun approach.


It's safe to say that it's a very original technique that many will try to follow.

Now the question remains, will it actually work? It's certainly worthy of grabbing someone's attention, and can be so refreshing when going through stacks and stacks of résumés.


There's no word yet on whether Morris landed himself that job.

But we have very little doubt that anyone could resist unwrapping their newest employee. Now let's hope his impressive résumé going viral helps this creative employee land his dream job!


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