See If You Can Recognize These Movie Scenes Made From LEGOS.

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Life of Pi

When most parents are worrying what their 15-year olds are up to, Morgan Spence’s parents know he is honing his craft. Spence spent three weeks recreating famous movie scenes. The work was done in collaboration with LEGO master builder Warren Elsmore. The scenes had to be as accurate as the iconic big screen shots being imitated. Scroll down to see the video.


Sound of Music

The Shining

Hard at work building the next scene.

To think he is only 15-years-old!

Singing in the Rain

Pulp Fiction

Honey Ryder from Dr. No

James Bond from Dr. No


Dirty Dancing

Wayne’s World

Laurel and Hardy


The Wizard of Oz

The figures were created by the website

Breakfast at Tiffany’s


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