LEGO Have Invented Anti-LEGO Slippers. Now You Can Live A Pain Free Life.

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Behold, the LEGO slipper, which protects your feet from all tiny hard plastic instrusions.

I am the oldest of four siblings, which means I've spent years caring for my brothers and sister, bestowing wisdom upon them, and trying to be the best big sister I can be.

It also means that I've stepped on a lot of f***ing LEGOs.

There is no word that entirely encompasses the physical pain that comes with stepping on a LEGO -- but there are plenty of expletives to shout when you do. But perhaps LEGO-induced foot pain is a thing of the past, now that we have access to these hilarious LEGO slippers.


The bottom of the slippers have extra padding, to keep the inevitably strewn about LEGOS from penetrating your soles and causing you to scream like you've never screamed before.

The slippers were produced by a French company called Piwee, and will be given away at random to people who fill out a Christmas list on their website.

And with Christmas just around the corner, these slippers may have come just in time.

With these bad boys, never again will this scene be like something out of a nightmare. Instead, your feet will escape the LEGO warpath unscathed.

See if you can guess these movie scenes made with LEGOs.

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