College Student Fed Up With Classmate Learns Valuable Lesson About Kindness.


Thomas McFall heads to his management class each school day.

One of the most beautiful things about this world is the diversity of its people. Unfortunately, many of the humans on this planet have a difficult time accepting others that are different than them. This causes people to put up walls and distance themselves from people they don't understand. This college student learned an important lesson in acceptance recently, and he had no shame in sharing it with the world.

Every day, he sits in the same seat and every day he has to tell the person sitting next to him to move his stuff from his seat.

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Thomas decided to share his story on Twitter.

He began his story by talking about "some foreign guy" that he sits next to. Not exactly the nicest way to describe someone, that's for sure.


Thomas continues his story by telling his followers how this guy's stuff is always on his desk.

He's clearly annoyed by the mild inconvenience.


And every day this guy realizes that Thomas is there and he moves his things.

And then he promptly gives him a nice high five. Who doesn't like high fives?


It may seem like a little thing, but Thomas was really annoyed about this guy's stuff.

He doesn't want conversation. He doesn't want high fives. He just wants his desk free from other people's stuff.


Thomas continued to be annoyed, until one day when he was late for class.

He was stuck behind because he needed to send a text, but of course, this guy's stuff was still sitting on his desk.


What he would soon learn would take Thomas by surprise.

This "foreign guy" wasn't trying to annoy him. He was saving his seat for him the whole time!


That's when Thomas came to some conclusions about himself.

He realized that he was too self-absorbed to even realize what was going on. This guy considered thought Thomas was his friend.


Thomas walked into class and got his ritualistic high five.

Thomas decided to see if the guy wanted to go grab some food with him after class.


Thomas learned a bit about this guy who saved his seat for him every single day.

He found out that not only did he leave his home to get a better education, he also works full-time in order to send money to his family. This guy was a really hard worker that was constantly treated like he was a lesser individual. It broke Thomas' heart.


Luckily, Thomas was able to learn an extremely valuable lesson in all of this.

Keep this in mind when you come across someone that's a bit different than you. They probably just want to be accepted, just like anyone else. So reach your hand out for a high five, and try to make friends, instead of automatically disregarding others for their differences.