The Secret Behind Levitating Street Performers Is Finally Revealed… And It’s So Clever.

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A street performer charms his audience while levitating over his rug.

Most illusions can be explained fairly quickly, unless they defy logic. Travellers around the world are being seduced by street entertainers who levitate effortlessly, making us torture ourselves trying to figure out how they did it . The tricksters even use a staff to appear that it is used for balance while wearing heavy and long clothing.

In reality, it is nothing more than an optical illusion designed by some very smart people. The performer uses a metal plate, rod, and a rug to make magic. As fun as it is to see an act that defies gravity, it’s just as entertaining trying to figure out the science behind it. Or in this case, the deception.

Relatively Interesting

Relatively Interesting

This magic trick stops strangers on their tracks all over the world.

The performer is sitting on a platform that connects to the floor.

Relatively Interesting

->**Watch this man setup his levitating device.**<-

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