This Is The World’s Most Elaborate Staircase… And It’s Not In Hogwarts.

For anyone visiting Porto, Portugal, the Livrario Lello e Irmão, better known in English as the Lello Bookshop, is a must-see destination, even for those who aren't exactly bibliophiles.

Originally created as a library in 1869, the store was bought and sold many times over the years. It was never updated to a more modern design, instead simply being restored to preserve its astounding beauty. Today, the bookstore is still referenced as a "livrario," or library, and brings in visitors from all over the world. The interior of the store is breathtakingly beautiful, complete with carved wooden ceilings and sky-high wooden bookcases.

The centerpiece of this amazing shop is an enormous spiral staircase. The opulent nod to art nouveau design serves as the main artery of the building, and after being carefully restored in 1995, the staircase is back to its original resplendent glory. See the incredible photos below.