People Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally.


His wife asked him to put the cake in the oven at 120 degrees.

Nobody likes being told what to do. Some people hate being told to do something so much that they end up doing the complete opposite.

However, everyone's different -- everyone has a different approach. For example, taking instructions and doing them in a complete literal sense could sometimes tick off the person who gave you those instructions.

Here's a post dedicated to those who've taken instructions a little too literally. You can think of it as their way of sticking it to the system. No matter what intention was behind the action, they all came out with a hilarious outcome.

It took some time and effort, but he finally accomplished it!


A peanut sale that found a loophole around the rules.

This is free enterprise, nothing in the world beats it!


He was assigned to assume the role of a Chinese immigrant in 1870.

This is brilliant, someone give this student an A!


What the customer wants, the customer gets.

The delivery guy was such a good sport about this.


Morality is real.

Unfortunately, not all people are as accepting of it as others.


Well, you're welcome mum.

Looks like you've messed up now, gimp boy. Better watch out when mum comes home.


When your wife asks for a run-of-the-mill generic birthday party.

This is awesome! Look how much work he put into a creative "uncreative" generic birthday.


His mom told him to clean the bathroom like the Queen of England was visiting.

Very clever, but I'm not sure if the Queen will fancy reading Harry Potter while going number 2.


Thanks, you couldn't have been any clearer.

The sign in Spanish says "if you need mom, get food please cover, thank you."


When she asks you to take some photos with your new selfie stick while doing things throughout the day.

Well, it looks like the selfie stick and him had a nice day.


Arriva has banned shorts as a part of their school's uniform, offering only pants or skirts regardless of the weather.

He's following the rules and getting some breeze on a hot day at the same time.


"Insert card as shown."

The machine should have showed a better demonstration.


So that's how you draw a sheep.

Just imagine a whole herd of these critters moving around the hillside.

Poop puppers, but he had to do what the sign said.

Dad's gotta follow the rules or otherwise he'll get fined.


Denise ain't messing around, she means business.

But it also seems Marcus must be desperate with this lame and straight-forward of a pickup line.


He was told that he couldn't go outside.

Looks more like "you can't put a foot out of the house."


How to cook pork and caramelized chestnut stuffing.

I'm almost positive this is how Spielberg started.


Well you can't argue with that.

And they thought they had everything covered, think again!


The school district doesn't allow Halloween costumes.

The mystery gang! Now where's Scooby?


Well you did say with a "c."

Anyone could have easily been confused with those directions.


He asked the waitress for "one very small check."

But it looks like the waitress out-dadjoked him!


This is taking a stand to "End User License Agreement."

That completely serves them right, claiming people are giving consent to something they cannot have read.


Wow, the Golden Gate bridge is so bike friendly.

But c'mon, don't pedestrians deserve a little more space than that?


Someone noticed this bottle at a local coffee shop and asked the owner about it.

The owner said, "Health inspector asked 'what's this jar?' and I said nothing it's empty, and she said 'everything has to be labeled' so I labeled it."


Well that's an odd request.

But yay, more love to go around! I'm sure the curb feels a lot better now!