The Internet Is Going Nuts Over This Lizard Sleeping In A Rose.

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My daughter picked me a rose...

There's nothing quite like the sight of a gorgeous, undisturbed rose, hanging from the vine. That beauty is what inspired a little girl named Angel to pick one for her mother, outside of their home in Texas.

But when she brought it inside, they discovered a big surprise inside the rose. The Internet has been going crazy for this little discovery ever since, and it's not hard to see why: It's totally adorable.

We got a surprise when we went to smell it.

It looked so cozy and peaceful we couldn't bear to disturb it.


The little lizard is a green anole, or Carolina lizard, and is common around the south-eastern parts of North America. The lizards are usually know for being fiercely territorial, but this one looks just as sweet as can be. Just don't mess with his bed of roses.

Did you see the photo of the lizard playing the leaf guitar?

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