23 Photos Of Cats That Prove They Have Their Own Logic.

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As you probably imagined, this cat's got a bowl full of clean water inside the house.

Their behavior is practically unpredictable. They do things that seem to defy all logic. And no one can deny that cats are supremely entertaining. But as they continue to baffle us, cat lovers are coming to terms with the fact that these felines are one of life's furry little mysteries. And rather than try and decipher their body language and enigmatic behavior, it's just easier to accept that there’s a reason for everything they do, no matter how strange it may seem to us. So, let’s just celebrate their wackiness with these images that are absurdness personified and will make you love cats even more.

But their indoor water bowl doesn't taste like bird, now, does it? "Well, it was either this or drinking out of the dog's bowl. I can never win with you, human! What do you want from me?"

k1llallh1pp1es / Reddit