The Way They Make Long Eggs Isn’t How You’d Think…

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No chicken can lay an egg this length. The hard boiled eggs form a perfect cylinder.

If you love ordering long eggs from a restaurant, chances are you've thought the chef is meticulously cutting each egg into perfect slices, leaving out the ends. This European delight goes through an extensive process before it makes it to the dinner table.

And no, the cook is not wasting the ends of the eggs nor are the chickens laying extra long eggs either. You may have even tried to make them at home, failing to imitate the restaurant-style ones. You are not a bad cook, you just don’t live in Denmark.

There is a factory by the name of Dansk Andels in the Scandinavian country whose main job is to make these long eggs. The process may not be the most appealing but it’s certainly painstakingly detailed.

Laura Yuile