"Giraffe Woman" Spent Five Years Stretching Her Neck With Rings.

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Sydney Smith carries a giraffe shaped purse around, but that’s not why they call her Giraffe Woman.

Everyone has their own quirks and obsessions. Some of us like video games. Others are obsessed with sports. Maybe shopping is your thing and you can’t stop spending until you max out your credit cards. Thankfully, most of us can keep our little obsessions in check. But the same can’t be said for everyone on the planet. Case in point, there’s a woman from Los Angeles, California, named Sydney Smith. She’s known as the Giraffe Woman because she wants a long neck like they have. But while we would never tell anyone not to be who they want to be, people tend to go a bit overboard. But did she?

Smith was taught to be pretty much anyone she wanted to be. But they had no idea that she wanted to become a giraffe. And yet, that’s exactly what she set out to become. But it wasn’t going to be a simple journey.